Amazon employees are protesting for their jobs cut and unorganized work from home policies!

Latest news on continuous layoff of employees and sudden change in policies of work from home. Amazon CEO - Andy Jessy is still quite on recent activities of employees and company policies.

Jun 1, 2023 - 20:13
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Amazon employees are protesting for their jobs cut and unorganized work from home policies!

Wednesday || June 1 - 2023 || 

Approximately 2,000 Amazon workers walked out in protest of recent job losses and a new policy forcing employees to return to work at least three days each week. The walkout occurred at Amazon offices throughout the globe, including Seattle, New York, London, and the United States. Employees who walked out were worried about the effect of job losses on their coworkers and the company's capacity to develop. They were also worried about the work-from-office policy, which they said would be harder to combine their professional and home life.

The walkout significantly impacted Amazon's operations. Many workers could not work since they were taking part in the walkout. Furthermore, the walkout disrupted Amazon's shipping and delivery services. Amazon has yet to react to the strike. However, the firm has a history of opposing labor activity. Amazon dismissed numerous workers who were active in organizational attempts in 2021. Amazon's staff walkout indicates escalating labor discontent. It is still determined if the walkout will influence Amazon's practices long-term. However, Amazon workers are not happy about the company's direction.

Walkouts is happening globally

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice (AECJ) and Amazon's Remote Advocacy community leaders stated, "The walkout is verified! Around 2100 workers globally have already committed to taking part, with 920 of them stationed in Seattle. We are raising our voices by being united and joining this momentum of unorganized work structures, and layoffs. 

The protesting workers are asking for a say in business decisions, especially those that directly affect them. Their biggest issue is Amazon's latest policies of mandating work from the office for employees.

Letter to shareholders from Andy Jassy - CEO of Amazon

Recently, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy sent a letter to shareholders clarifying that employees are required to come into the office three days per week because he believes they will learn and perform better there. In addition to this, he is of the opinion that direct contacts between employees inspire more creative thinking.  

We are pleased with the positive results we have seen in the first month of having more employees back in the office," the company's representative said. There is a stronger feeling of energy, cooperation, and linkages, and we have had excellent comments from a large number of workers as well as companies that are next to us.

The representative continued by saying, "We understand that the transition back to the office will take time, and we have multiple teams working hard to ensure a smooth adjustment for our employees.

Amazon is heading in the wrong path, say workers who have been laid off

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice and Amazon Remote Advocacy put out a statement saying, "This protest shows that Amazon is going in the wrong way and losing the trust of its employees. We want Amazon to do well. Long-term thought and employee views have been important to Amazon's growth since Day 1, and we want to bring them back.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon just laid off an additional 9,000 workers after laying off around 18,000 earlier this year. Different areas, like ads, human resources, Twitch units, and cloud computing, were hit by the cuts. Amazon said that the cuts were caused by overhiring and an unstable economy. If we combine the two separate waves of layoffs, we can say that the corporation has let go of a total of 27,000 people at this point.

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