Capgemini - Global Leader in Consulting, Technology and Digital Transformation

Capgemini is a leading global consulting, technology, and digital transformation services provider, delivering innovative solutions to help clients achieve their business goals.

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Capgemini - Global Leader in Consulting, Technology and Digital Transformation
Date of Start- 1st October 1967
CEO: Aiman Ezzat
Revenue: 2,200 crores EUR (2022)
No. of Employees: 3,58,400 (2022)


Capgemini is a global consulting, technology, and digital transformation services provider. It has been serving clients across industries since 1967. Capgemini helps its clients achieve their business goals by using technology and innovation. They have over 270,000 employees in 50 countries.
One of the key strengths of Capgemini is its focus on sustainability. The company has recognized as a leader in sustainability by various organizations. That's including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the CDP. Capgemini has also set ambitious sustainability goals for itself. That's including becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Capgemini is also achieved gender balance in its workforce by 2025.
Capgemini is good at many things like strategy, transformation, application, technology, and engineering. They work with popular technology providers such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP.
Capgemini worked on a project with Airbus. A top plane manufacturer, to create a digital platform called Skywise.
Capgemini helped Airbus make a platform that makes planes work better and cost less to take care of. . They were a great partner because they know a lot about technology and airplanes.
Capgemini is good at cybersecurity. Capgemini helps clients protect important things like data and keep their customers happy. They make sure important things stay safe by finding problems, spotting possible dangers, and controlling who can get in.
Capgemini is a good partner for businesses facing digital challenges. They help businesses come up with new ideas, care for the environment, and do good things for society. They are good at giving advice, working with technology, and making changes.

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