Leena Nair - A Champion of Diversity and Inclusion

we explore how Leena Nair, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Unilever, is leading the way in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Mar 3, 2023 - 10:16
Apr 26, 2023 - 13:05
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Leena Nair -  A Champion of Diversity and Inclusion

Leena Nair


Full Name – Leena Nair

Date Of Birth – June 11, 1969

Company Name – Channel

Market Capitalization – $ 11.5 Billion

Term of Office – Channel (2022 – Current)



Diversity and inclusion have been long-standing issues in the workplace. Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion have been prove to outperform those that don't, not only in finanical terms but also in innovation and talent retention. Leena Nair, the Chief Human Resources Officer of Unilever, is a pioneer in promoting diversity and inclusion in the corporate world. Her efforts have set a benchmark for other businesses to follow.

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

Before we dive into how Leena Nair is changing the game, let's take a moment to understand why diversity and inclusion are so important in the workplace.
Diversity refers to the differences among people, including their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, and more. Inclusion, but, is the practice of creating an environment where all employees feel valued and respected, regardless of their differences.
Here are some of the key reasons why diversity and inclusion are essential in the workplace:
Increased creativity and innovation
Improved problem-solving skills
Higher employee engagement and productivity
Enhanced reputation and brand image
Expanded talent pool and recruitment opportunities
To summarize, companies that focus on diversity and inclusion are more likely to achieve long-term success and sustainability.

Leena Nair's Vision for Diversity and Inclusion:

Leena Nair says that to create a good plan for diversity and inclusion, you need to start with good data. At Unilever, she has implemented the Unilever Inclusion Index, which is a tool that measures the company's progress on diversity and inclusion across different regions and business units. Leena Nair's Diversity and Inclusion Index is base on a survey of employee experiences, which is use to identify areas for improvement and targeted interventions. The survey results are used to pinpoint particular areas that must improvement and create focused solutions.
Leena Nair also believes in the power of reverse mentoring. This program pairs senior leaders with junior employees from diverse backgrounds to build empathy and understanding between employees and promote learning from each other. She also advocates that the highest-ranking executives within a company should be the initiators of diversity and inclusion efforts.

The Impact of Leena Nair's Work

 Leena Nair's efforts have not only propelled Unilever to the forefront of the fight for diversity and inclusion on a global scale, but they have also established a benchmark for other businesses to strive for. In 2017, Unilever joined the Unstereotype Alliance, a partnership that aims to cut harmful stereotypes from advertising and media. Leena Nair aims to have 50% of leadership positions at Unilever held by women by 2025.


 Leena Nair's work has demonstrated the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how it can drive business success. Leena Nair's commitment to diversity and inclusion, combined with her vision, has established a new benchmark for other organizations to emulate. By adopting her strategies, businesses can create a more diverse and inclusive work environment, which not only benefits the employees but also leads to better financial performance and a positive impact on society.


Q: Who is Leena Nair?

A: At Unilever, a global corporation that specializes in consumer products, Leena Nair serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Q:Why is Leena Nair such an important figure in the struggle for diversity and inclusion?

A:Leena Nair has been at the vanguard of efforts to bring about change in Unilever's corporate culture and to promote diversity and inclusion across the board in the company's operations. Her work has paved the way for other businesses to follow it, and it has propelled Unilever to the forefront of the worldwide diversity and inclusion movement as a result of her efforts.

Q:Could you explain what the Unilever Inclusion Index is?

A:The Unilever Inclusion Index is a tool that assesses the success that Unilever has made across a variety of geographies and business divisions diversity and inclusion. The score is derive from the results of a survey in which workers were aske about their personal encounters with diversity and inclusion on the job.

Q:Can you tell me more about the Unstereotype Alliance?

A:Unilever and other businesses joined forces to form the Unstereotype Alliance with the goal of eradicating harmful stereotypes that are present in media and advertising

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