Why are Virtual Event Platforms the Best Choice for Conferences?

Unintentionally or not, every time we discuss the current development of virtual event technology, we blame the pandemic.

Aug 2, 2023 - 11:58
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Unintentionally or not, every time we discuss the current development of virtual event technology, we blame the pandemic. It's mostly accurate, but the transformation has already been coming, and the pandemic has merely sped it up. This unexpected technological frenzy, according to many, would go away at the same rate that it grew. However, individuals have already developed a taste for technology that is difficult to shake. As the world begins to return to normalcy, we observe a market trend favoring hybrid platforms, which combine virtual and physical components.

The company's employees are no longer restricted by the walls of their cubicles. Businesses are successfully managed by people seated in various parts of the globe. According to a recent corporate poll, up to 50% fewer offices will be occupied overall as 90% of the organizations adopt hybrid work cultures permanently. Businesses are looking into new business opportunities, building networks with new customers, and obtaining sponsorships from all over the world. Platforms for virtual conferences play a significant role in this situation.

A virtual meeting platform is an online platform powered by technology that enables businesses to communicate with their staff, clients, and sponsors across international boundaries, exchange ideas, share information, have discussions, and advertise their products and services—all without having to hold in-person meetings.

Why hold a virtual conference or meeting?

Companies can interact with their staff, clients, and sponsors through virtual meeting platforms, and conduct crucial business functions like project planning, creative discussions, annual board meetings, client presentations, product demos, etc. on a virtual platform, eliminating or reducing the need for a physical meeting. The market's traditional meeting applications offer a rudimentary platform and have few capabilities. However, if businesses want to build enduring virtual relationships, have more ambitious business objectives, and want to make a good first impression on their clients and sponsors, they should invest in a top-notch virtual meeting platform created by a reputable technology provider.

Here are some of the top justifications for holding conferences via online conference platforms:

Higher number of attendees

Your conferences and meetings can be instantaneously broadcast to a global audience via virtual platforms. Virtual platforms eliminate the need for travel and provide a great deal of flexibility & convenience for the attendees, whether it be for internal conferences (strategic planning, team building, product designing & innovation meetings, general body meetings, etc.), B2B conferences (product demos, client requisitions, design revisions, etc.), or B2C conferences (product launches, webinars, product exhibitions, etc.). As a result, they are more likely to draw more participants.

Easy to Plan and Execute

Even though hosting conferences requires careful organization and execution, it is far less difficult compared to holding in-person meetings. Although the physical platform offers significant returns, managing it is a difficult task. It is necessary to plan a schedule that works with participants' schedules and to arrange various venues, ground staff, support services, crowd control, and many other things. Virtual conferences are significantly simpler to plan, carry out, and produce good results.

Lesser Costs and Higher ROI

Physical conferences are quite effective at grabbing attendees' entire attention, but they are very expensive. There are several venue fees, as well as support facility expenditures such as staff salaries, power, food and drink, hotel and board, and travel, among others. With smart design, virtual platforms can result in greater productivity and rapid business expansion for just one-tenth of the price. The return on investment (ROI) or benefit-to-cost ratio is quite high.

Time effectiveness

Virtual conferences do not require attendees to be present in person and allow for participation from any location. It is simpler to match participants' online schedules than to match their actual schedules. Travelling to the location, moving around the location, and waiting in lines for other associated tasks like registration, getting lunch, etc. do not waste time. For instance, using a virtual platform, a company might reduce the number of actual meetings a manager of a higher cadre attends each year from 12 to just 2 and 10 instead. Significant time and financial savings would result from this.

Worldwide Reach

By avoiding venue setup and other related tasks, time, money, and effort may be saved that can be applied to expanding the clientele, finding new clients, and providing better services. When travel distance is not an issue, the company can grow its personnel without having to worry about employees moving. The organization can function on a worldwide scale with more flexibility & expanded outreach.

Better & faster scope of data transfer

Platforms for virtual conferences provide unrestricted data transfer.  At any time throughout the meeting, data of any size or type can be instantly shared. This is a significant benefit of virtual platforms. Participants can share information ranging from detailed product specs, design modules, and employee performance reviews to demonstration films, presentations, feedback, and much more. The business can cut costs on producing brochures, CDs, specification manuals, and other materials.

AI-enabled technological tools

Because they are technology-driven platforms, virtual platforms are compatible with AI. If desired, AI technology can be successfully applied to every aspect of your conferences, including prospect identification, marketing, data sharing, production of real-time performance reports, feedback collection, and more.

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